How to improve SEO for a blog website?

How to improve SEO for a blog website?
Today, I would like to stand on SEO best practices for a blog website. We will focus on some important matters and tips that provide organic traffic to the blog websites. We will find answers to the following questions?

Today, I would like to stand on SEO best practices for a blog website. We will focus on some important matters and tips that provide organic traffic to the blog websites. We will find answers to the following questions?

  1. How can I reach more people who came from search engines organically?
  2. How to rank higher in search engines for a blog website?
  3. What should I pay attention to write blog posts?

Firstly, I can mention my SEO experiences on my blog website. I have a blog site that I have been posting since 2021. Before creating the website, I got some tutorials about search engine optimization, so SEO.

I have learned that the following matters are important via tutorials and my experiences:

  1. Using the right keywords in a blog,
  2. Creating successful content that loves by search engines.
  3. Increasing the speed of a website
  4. Applying meta keywords on the pages correctly
  5. Determining influential titles and descriptions by a content
  6. Writing uniquely, in an original way
  7. Pay attention to header tags that are h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6 on a blog
  8. Keep the site up to date

Ok, so we can learn by diving deep.

Using effective keywords in the articles

If you want to write a blog about some topics, you need select a topic. After that you can make research to find trending keywords that are people clicked.

For example, I would like to write a technology articles for my blog. I have to choose a specific topic. For this I can ask correct questions to myself. Which topics are related with technology? Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, Web, or others. Let’s we select Big Data as a topic. Now I need to select a more specific subject. It can be like this.

“Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)”

After determining a specific topic, we can begin to write. The importance of this matter is using the keywords that are curious, and searched in the content of the article. We should use it in a way that does not spoil the meaning and is not annoying.

If used correctly, it has great results for SEO.

Selecting correctly a title and a description

Before Google look at meta keywords tag. But the situation changed last year. Now, writing effective titles and descriptions is prominent. After I learned the tip, I removed the keywords meta tag from my website.

It is important but how can we write a great SEO title and description? We can apply the method we discussed. Using the correct and effective keywords. When we write the SEO title and SEO description, we will pay attention to them. But there are critical things we can apply separately for both.

Interesting tips for the SEO title

  1. Using numbers on the SEO title may induce a click on the article. For example, I can give some sentence patterns.
    1. 8 tips to earn …
    2. 15 effective ways for …
    3. 6 techniques that …
  2. Asking a question in a title may be interesting
    1. How to ….
    2. What are some basics for …
    3. Which are …
  3. The titles have to contain some of the keywords to increase rankings. For the first example, we can use titles like the following:
    1. How to work deep learning on AI?
    2. What is deep learning in AI?
    3. Deep learning and AI applications

Remarkable tips for the SEO Description

  1. Give place to the keywords in the description.
  2. IMPORTANT! Instead of using keywords directly, you need to create sentences that have your keywords. I can give two instances of it.
    1. What is AI? What is Deep Learning? How to work deep learning at AI?
    2. Deep learning is a subcategory of AI used with machine learning. So what is deep learning on artificial intelligence and how to work?

For 2. instance I created a more meaningful sentence that has my critical keywords which are deep learning, machine learning, AI, how to work, what is …

You can look at some title examples that are liked by search engines in the following table.

(8 Tips) How to earn passive income? Best practices to learn any language.
6 Tactics to Improve Self-Confidence of yourself! The Top 20 Popular Movies for self-improvement
How can I get more traffic to my site? How to be a successful person? A Step-by-Step Guide

Writing Uniquely

Don’t copy, don’t paste! Please be careful about it. First of all, you have committed plagiarism and disregarded the rights of the other party. Secondly, search engines can understand this. When you copy sentences or content that are shared before, your website rank may decrease. On the other hand, people lose their trust in you.

Writing unique articles, and contents are important. And before I forget, there is something I must say. Using AI tools like Chat GPT on your blog isn’t correct. Because when you do this, your content will have a new author. Artificial intelligence! You should at least respect her rights and credit. 🙂

Sorted Correctly Header Tags

When you write a blog, generally you need to use header tags for hierarchical structure. In this case, using the correct titles with the correct tags are principle. When use strictly, the website has higher ranks. I would like to write a blog about this in English. If I write, I will add the link here.


Website speed is important!

Maybe, my main advantage is having a website faster. If I write more blog articles, I can reach more people. I hope one day it will. Ok, we can return our case. For increasing the speed of a website you can follow the tips:

  1. Select suitable and faster hosting.
  2. Using needed sources, minifying HTML, CSS, JS, and libraries.
  3. Focusing to increase the first loading speed. (TTFB)
  4. Designing beautiful website software or dealing with a website provider

This is the first comprehensive blog article that I shared. I will try to keep the content updated from time to time. In this context, we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and we mention how to increase the SEO ranking of blog content. Additionally, we talked about the importance of selecting optimized SEO titles and descriptions that are loved by search engines via examples and using header tags accurately in our content. Lastly, we examined a matter related to increasing website speed to get more traffic organically. I hope my blog can be helpful to you. I’m waiting for your feedback on the comments. Thanks a lot.

Ömer Faruk Coşkun - ÖFC
Omer Faruk COSKUN

I am a Computer Engineering student at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. I love to research, learn and also share what I have learned.


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