Balat/İstanbul Trip

Balat District in Istanbul City Trip | Traveling Blog
The popular district of the Istanbul, Balat. I share with you my story of visiting Balat, my thoughts on the subject, and my favorite photos. Are you ready?

Hey, how are you? I returned after a year and a half later. I decided to share my trips on my blog. Because I’m a student, I generally use public transport in the Istanbul. For 2022, I have began to visit Istanbul effectively for understanding history of the city.

If you have not visited to Istanbul yet. You can recognize with me. I will focus on my blog posts that are related with trip to introduce the popular places of Istanbul for now. If I can go to other cities in Turkiye or other countries, I can share my thoughts, feelings with you.

Balat District in Istanbul City Trip | Traveling Blog

What is Balat in Istanbul?

Balat, is a historical and well-known district that in the Fatih district of Istanbul. To learn history of the Balat, you can go to this link.

Because of history and different structure of the Balat, most people visit it. Even, some Turkish series, movies was shot there. some examples are Ezel, Çukur, Suskunlar, Bizim Yenge.

What is Balat in Istanbul?

Balat/Istanbul Buildings

Balat buildings are remarkably original. While walking on the roads of that place, the houses, doors and sidewalks caught my attention. There are so many colorful buildings that will make you miss in Balat. 

Balat/Istanbul Buildings

Cats and Dogs of the Balat

I have been taking pictures with my camera since 2022. You can see many cat photos in my gallery. Because Istanbul is known with cats and dogs and I like them. When I see one of them, I try to capture the best moment. Maybe, for other posts I can publish my top photos that I selected on my website. I have been planning it for a year.

Cats and Dogs of the Balat district of Istanbul

As soon as I photographed this cat, a man started talking to me. he said that cat is popular and familiar here. It really might be one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. If you look the photo, you can see green enchanting eyes of it. 

Cats of the Balat District in Istanbul

Balat Photos and My Comments

Colorful Two Doors

When I came across these doors of Balat, I'm fascinated. The color of the doors and the harmony between them seem to show that the two contrasts combine wonderfully.

Colorful Two Doors in the Balat/Istanbul

I took the photo in the Balat streets. The purple color, the harmony of the sign and the door encouraged me to take the photo.

Balat/Istanbul Images, Kafe Gizli Bahçe Fener

the harmony of the sign and the door


Other Thougts

I would like to tell my trip to Balat. We visited to Balat to capture special photos that are follow some rules via our photographing course teacher. I thought a lot, when I was wandering around. Because I didn’t visit there. That was new for me. And then, I tried to feel the history of Balat.

So many people visit popular places for others. You can see that on the social media, right :). I think the success is understanding a place and living there. I have been adopting that opinion since 2022. I hope I can visit quite different and historical places.

If you plan to visit Istanbul, you must visit and get to know Balat. Finally, this post is my blog written in second English language. Sorry for my mistakes. If you want to contact with me, you can post a comment or follow my contact page. Thanks a lot.

Balat/Istanbul Photos
Ömer Faruk Coşkun - ÖFC
Omer Faruk COSKUN

I am a Computer Engineering student at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. I love to research, learn and also share what I have learned.


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