My İstanbul Galata Tower Trip Notes

My İstanbul Galata Tower Trip Notes
Have you ever been visited to Galata Tower in Istanbul? If you didn’t visit, maybe my notes can give you some ideas. I mentioned about Balat in Istanbul on my first trip blog. Today, I will explain my Galata Tower trip by giving little historical information about the tower.

First of all, I need to say that I have not gone inside the tower yet. Because, I’m waiting special moment for this. If this is a problem, you can look at other blog posts or wait to update the blog. As note, the all photos on the page are taken by me due to my trip. If you comment, I will be happy. Thanks.

What is Galata Tower in Istanbul?

The Galata Tower, Galata Tower Museum, is a tower at the highest point of Galata in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul city. The tower is built as a watchtower. The Galata tower is a pupil of the Beyoğlu and is now a museum. 

Galata Tower Landscape from the Golden Horn Bridge

The Galata Tower from the Golden Horn Bridge

by Ömer Faruk Coşkun


Short History of Galata Tower

A tower was erected in the area where the Galata Tower is by Emperor Justinian during the Byzantine period but it was destroyed because of the Fourth Crusade.

Today’s famous Galata Tower's first building was completed in 1348. The Galata Tower which was built in the Romanesque style was the tallest building in Constantinople. The tower sometimes used for prison in the 16th century was used to look out for fires by Ottomans from 1717.

The tower’s roof which was made of wood and lead was damaged by fires in 1794. Another damage to the building happened in 1831. After this incident, it was restored often. The Galata Tower’s roof, the symbol of the tower, was destroyed by a storm in 1875. The building had no roof for years.

After the restoration in 1965-1967, the tower’s roof was built again. The tower was renewed and improved and began to service publicly. [1]

Short History of Galata Tower Istanbul

Galata Tower in Istanbul

My Galata Tower Trip Story

I like to travel to learn and understand the history of events, places, people, etc. for two years. I've been in Istanbul for years but I have not visited Galata Tower. Because I didn't like traveling before. But now this state was changed. I like to travel as well as understand.

When I decide to travel to the tower, I prepared my bag. I took my camera with me. I was ready to go. I got on the bus. While I was going by bus, I was reading the history of the Galata Tower that I mentioned before. I learned and was surprised. I have not heard the information about the tower because anyone didn’t say it.

Anyways, when I was going to the tower, I passed many places and took pictures of them. I was getting pretty close to the tower because the tower was appearing. If you made some research about the tower, you may have seen photos of its famous street of it. [Photo 3] I didn’t reach to the tower via the street. I used a different street that was less familiar. [Photo 4] When I closed the tower, I was impressed by its size of the tower. [Photo 5] The tower was It was evident that it was a stout and fascinating tower. I loved it. I turned around the tower. I looked at other people. I struggled to stay at the moment. Because this is a new experience for me. I took many tower and home photos to be a memory. Now I’m sharing it with you. Even if I use the same street for the return, when I came another day, I passed the famous street.

I know it would be nice if my story was longer, but that's it from me for now. I hope I can expand my post. As a not, I began to write my trip histories with you. Because of that, I can make some mistakes for telling. You can comment on it. Thanks for reading me. See you later.

My Galata Tower Trip Story in Istanbul

Galata Tower close-up photo

My Galata Tower Trip Story in Istanbul

Galata Tower entrance

Galata Tower/Beyoğlu streets in Istanbul

Galata streets in Istanbul


Graffiti drawn on the walls in the streets of Galata Tower

Graffiti drawn on the walls in the streets of Galata Tower

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Galata Tower and Galata streets

Galata Tower and Galata streets


Ömer Faruk Coşkun - ÖFC
Omer Faruk COSKUN

I am a Computer Engineering student at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. I love to research, learn and also share what I have learned.


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